Live Streaming HD Video for Events










Cable One










Live streaming equipment. All we need is a camera

and a high speed internet connection.




Cable One

Live stream at Arangetrum at Chandler Center for the Arts.

Click photo to see video.




Photos Below are from the PAST projects at our old studio building.




Cable One

Christie Digital projectors and Draper Screens -

Customers came for a hands on demonstration

of new Products including new 3D projectors.







Go Daddy Set


Go Daddy Set

Plenty of room to build your own sets on our sound stage.

Just like Go Daddy did for the 2010 Super Bowl commercials.


Above is the news set, below is the flash dance set.



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Scottsdale Studio Bret Michaels

Photo Shoot for VH 1


Our facility has closed, but we are still providing Video Production Services.

Below is a list of some of the national and local production companies that used our studio.

Some of our clients include:

- VH1

- Jay-Z

- Go Daddy and Light Switch

- Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp

- Fender Music

- Big Brothers and Big Sisters

- University of Phoenix

- Phoenix Suns

- San Francisco Giants

- Arizona Science Center

- Render Films

- Josh Skehan Productions

- Film students from Scottsdale Community College

- Pro-One Media

-Christie Digital

-Shed Media

-Hanlon Media








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