Green Screen Video Production



New Address: 9525 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd.,

Suite 110, Scottsdale, Az. 85258



Our green screen wall is 10 feet high and 16 feet wide.


We have HD Cameras and Lighting Kits to shoot your green screen project.

Lighing includes Kino Flo 4 ft. 4 banks and Soft Boxes.


Or, you can rent our green screen and do your own production.



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Green Screen Demo Video with Various Backgrounds


Scottsdale Studios Table Events

16 ft. x 30 ft. Green Screen,

Garage Door opens to parking lot for easy access to bring in a car.

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Scottsdale Studios Table Events

Video shoot with Ferrari in the Green Screen

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Scottsdale Studios Table Events

Click photo to watch Green Screen Shoot for

Girls Looking Website






Green Screen Shoot for Rigid Industries

featuring Pro Bass Fisherman Brandon Palaniuk

Click Photo to see finished video


Green Screen Video for the North Pole Experience

(before photo is above, finished project photo below)



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The band, Velvet Garden, on the green screen.



Scottsdale Studios Green ScreenLScottsdale Studios Green Screen

Lighting Packages Available for Rent


Sarah Moss Recording in the studio

and playing on the Green Screen. Click photo to play video.



Scottsdale Studios Green ScreenLScottsdale Studios Green Screen

The Quakes - Green Screen shoot - Click Photos to enlarge


Instant Classic

Photo Shoot in the small Stage room with the "Groove Merchants"

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Scottsdale Studios Green Screen

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Scottsdale Studios Green Screen

The Color Pink always looks good on the Green Screen!


Scottsdale Studios Green Screen

Rent the Green Screen for Kids Music Video Party


James Walker - Green Screen Video Promo for Website


Scottsdale Studios Green Screen

Eden's Birthday Party on the Green Screen



Scottsdale Studios Table Events

Photographer Pete Kertz at the studio for a Photo Shoot



Scottsdale Studios Heart Attack GrillScottsdale Studios Heart Attack Grill








Scottsdale Studios Green Screen

Here is an example of the final product of a Green Screen Project.

The people were sitting on black chairs in front of the green screen. Then the editor used software to place the people in a Virtual Set.




Behind the scenes at a green screen shoot


Green Screen video project for Krank Amplification.


Head InterviewXtreme Gen Minister

Xtreme Gen Green Screen Shoot

Liz Clapes used our green screen to film her music video.

Click photo to watch finished product.



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9525 E Doubletree Ranch Rd. Scottsdale , Az 85258